Do Forget Me Nots Grow In Shade? {Planting Guide}

Do Forget Me Nots Grow In Shade

There’s always full sun in the morning and full shade during afternoon hours in my garden. This prompted me to start researching which strong flower to grow that will suit these conditions. Forget-Me-Not is the herb that I have been looking forward to planting.

I wondered if they grow well in shady areas since a good percentage of my home has many trees, thus too shady. To find out if they can grow in both shade and sunlight, I got the following information about Forget-Me-Nots after an extensive research.

So, can Forget-Me-Nots grow in the shade?

Yes, Forget-Me-Nots can grow in partial shade and full sunlight but not in full shade. They require at least half of the day’s sun to provide a cheery blue life to your garden. They always die back after blooming. Forget-Me-Nots also grow best in cool weather, indirect light, and moist soil. They tend to do this in winter then sprout during spring. Plants that are a year older can sprout in spring.

The best time to plant Forget-Me-Nots is between springs up to August to enhance blooming the following season. As a result, flowers will be produced a year from the next spring.

Forget-Me-Nots are glorious, humble biennial plants that flower and die in the second year. Being known as self-seeders, they set seeds and won’t release them in any other place or get weedy. These make seeding an easy task for you and not necessary to plant them in your garden.

You don’t need to follow up on them to thrive. Unlike other flowers, theirs little you need to do. After growing, you can leave them alone. Their flower color comes in blue, pink, purple, white, and yellow, which brightens every shade in your garden. They appear as frothy blue clouds on the edges of paths and borders.

How many varieties of Forget-Me-Nots are there?

While many people are familiar with the common Forget-Me-Nots, there are many species to choose from. Some species have features and attributes that will blow your mind and make you choose them for your garden or landscape. Below are different varieties that you might want to consider for your landscape.

Wood Forget-Me-Not (Myosotis sylvatica)

Also commonly known as Woodland Forget-Me-not, it’s an herbaceous perennial plant. It’s quickly grown in Organic rich and well-drained moist soils.

Wood Forget-Me-Nots also grows to an average of 5”-12” tall and prefers full sun. It’s commonly known for having low-maintenance performing well in banks, borders, and rock gardens.

Field-Forget-Me-not (Myosotis arvensis)

Field-Forget-Me-Not falls under annual and biennial plants, but a time it’s a perennial herb. It grows to a height of 16 inches. In terms of soil conditions, it’s not flexible; most of the time, it grows on rock surfaces. The seeds tend to sprout for an extended period of time (almost 30 years) then germinate when conditions are favorable.

Water Forget-Me-not (Myosotis scorpioides)

It’s an herbaceous perennial herb which grows in stream banks and moist area common in Eurasia. It grows to an average height of 2-10 inches and produces flowers with around five petals infused in a cup or tube. It can adapt to the ordinary soil only if its clay or simple loam and moist soil.

Alpine Forget-Me-not (Myosotis alpestris)

It’s a short-lived and hardy biennial herb. It grows well in full or partial sunlight and does well in well-drained soils. They can grow to a height of up to 0.2 to 0.3 m. It flowers go all the way from spring to summer.

Strict Forget-Me-Not (Myosotis stricta)

It’s also known as” Blue Forget-Me-Not.” They grow to an average height of 2-8 inches. The flower is rectangular with a light blue corolla. Among the Forget-Me-Not family, it’s known for blooming early and represents love and friendship.

Changing Forget-Me-Not (Myosotis discolor)

Being an annual and perennial herb, it grows in various habitats in areas like roadsides. It grows to a height of 10-50 centimeters producing leaves with many shapes like oblong. The reason behind the name “Changing Forget-me-not” is that it changes its color from yellow, cream to blue, as it reaches the maturity age.

The flowers produced are either curved or spiral at the top of the stem.

Forget Me-Not Growth Requirements

This flower doesn’t require a lot of energy to plant. They are among the easiest herbs to grow. If you want to plant Forget-me-nots, here is what you need to observe while growing it.

Light requirements

Forget Me-Nots tend to do well in sunny areas. They require some light to enhance blooming. On the other hand, if you plant them in areas with no sun, let’s say near buildings and trees, they may fail to bloom due to lack of sufficient light.

For better results, plant them in areas that receive sufficient light. Planting them among other plants that love shade will create a magnificent view.
For better results, plant them in areas that can access at least half of the day Sun.


Forget me-Not thrive well in fertile, evenly moist, well-drained soils and slightly mildly acidic to mildly alkaline soils. Give them poor soil, and they will give undesirable results.


Forget me-not require wet soil. At the very least, it needs to be grown in evenly moist soils.


Forget me- not require soil with adequate fertilizer. Give Forget me-not a compost or a general-purpose fertilizer for better results.

How to propagate Forget me-not

Forget me-not are easy to propagate. They can be propagated using the following methods:

Propagating Forget me- not via seed

What you need is to divide the rhizomes in early spring. Here the plant will undergo self-seeding.

Plant them indoors or outdoors between May and September. If it’s undercover, sprinkle seeds, then cover with compost.

To create the right conditions for germination, use a heated propagator or a warm windowsill.

Prick and pot when the seedling is big enough to be handled. You can either allow them to lift new seedlings or leave them to spread naturally then replace them in your preferred location.

Propagating by stem cuttings

Another way of propagating Forget-Me-Nots is through cutting stems. The best time to propagate Forget me-notes is during summer.

How to harvest Forget me-notes

Forget me-notes can be harvested when the plants begin to turn brown.
Take big sheets of anything flat like a newspaper to hold the seeds.
Pick out the plants with your hands and put them into the flat surface, which in this case, is a newspaper while all the plants are facing the same direction.

After getting a pile of dried flower heads, lift them together upside down, then shake. Toss the plants into the compost and allow the seeds to fall everywhere carelessly.

Lift the newspaper sheet carefully while folding the middle part slightly to allow you to pour the seeds into the container.

Insects and Disease problems

Although forget me notes are beautiful when they bloom, that does not mean that they are not exposed to problems. They are always a risk of fungal diseases and insects, but they can be controlled and reduced with proper gardening care.

• Aphids
• Potato flea beetles
• Snails and slugs
• Crown rot
• Downy mildew
• Leaf spots
• Powdery mildew

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Forget me not be grown in Containers?

Yes, containers add beauty and color to your garden, brightening up dark corners of your yard.

2. When should I plant forget me, not seed?

You can start planting the seeds in early spring indoors then sow them outside from spring to August.

3. Is it okay to cut the forget-me-not deadheading?

Yes, cut the dead headings and trim them to free seeds.

4. Why are my forget-me-nots not blooming?

Not all forget me, not bloom. Some don’t because they are biennials—that why they won’t bloom in the first year of growth.

5. Should I cut forget me not when fall is approaching?

There’s no need to cut them. All you need to do is leave them to die off naturally.

6. When should I pull up my Forget-me-nots?

You can always pull up your forget-me-nots when they dry up and get powdery mildew.

Bottom Line

Forget me not are unique plants to grow. They are popular summer bloomers loved by many. Although the flowers don’t last for long, they create an excellent image. They are the best plants to grow in your garden. Plant them in the right, well-drained soils to enhance blooming mostly during spring, and they will bloom the following year.

I tried growing to forget me not under partial shade, and they thrived well. Suppose you have plans to put your garden into use, grow to forget me not. Try and make an effort to follow the guidelines outlined above to make sure that it does not die.

With holidays around the corner, plant forget-me-notes to create a beautiful image in your garden that will attract visitors or any other person. Forget-me-nots will also save you the burden of buying flowers during outdoor parties.


I love nature and fresh food from the garden. That's why I started this gardening journey and decided to share my experience with the world. So far it has been an amazing journey. I hope you will enjoy reading my gardening journal and never be the same again!

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